Wednesday, March 29, 2006

paranormal 101

paranormal 101

1. The first and foremost important rule in conducting an investigations is. NEVER EVER GO ALONE!!!!

2. Next, you never want to go without some way of being able to communicate with your team or with home. Bring a cell phone or if you have two or more teams bring walkie talkies. Safety is the most important thing when conducting an investigation.

3. It doesnt hurt to bring a first aid kit and also to be CPR certified.

4. Always bring a fresh supply of batteries. Check all your devices to make sure that they all have new batteries.

5. Try to form a "GAME PLAN" for the investigation. Things will go smoother and safer if you all are keeping to a plan or schedule.

6. Always use new tapes for your audio and video.

7. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! Keep a notebook handy to write down anything that happens.

8. When recording EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) always announce yourself when entering or exiting a room or area where the recorder is located.

9. When taking pictures, remember, its not always the shot in front of you. Sometimes its behind you too.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So you want to hunt Ghosts?

Welcome to Paranormal 101. For those interested in learning the does and don'ts of Paranormal investigating, keep your eye keen for updates to this BLOG.